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Rules of the YETI BIKE RACE

The YETIBIKE RACE race is a Mountain Bike challenge (no competitive) in stages surrounding the Tour of the Annapurnas in the Natural Park with the same name in 6 stages (two neutralized), organized by Makalu Adventure and Geo-Planet with the collaboration of the municipalities of the Park Natural of the Anapurnas. It has the sponsorship of Isostar and consists of numerous services for the athlete, to make it an unforgettable experience.

It will be held from 18th to 25th Sept, 2021, and consists of 7 stages in a total trip of 11 days with a total distance of 240km. approximately and 7000m. of accumulated altitude. Is not only a bike race but also, it is an experience trip, open to participants and companions who want to enjoy the experience of visiting one of the most spectacular itineraries on the planet; THE ANNAPURNAS TOUR.

  • YETI BIKE RACE is a 7-day adventure as a personal challenge, where the goal is to finish
  • The minimum age to participate is 18 years old on the day of the event.
  • It is not obligatory that the participants are in possession of the federation bicycle license but for those who do not have it, it will be obligatory to contract the accident and civil liability insurance for the trip, which will be hired by the participant. (The organization can provide or provide insurance that will be paid separately from the cost of registration).
  • You can compete individually or by teams (pairs or team up to a maximum of 4 participants), counting the time of the first 3 to enter the goal.
  • The participants must bring:

.-Approved rigid helmet

.-BIB number facilitated by the organization

.-Kit tools and puncture repair


– Mobile loaded

.-GPS. and spare batteries


  • The maximum time to perform the march will be 7 hours for each stage
  • Although no competitive, the organization offer finish medals for every finisher and establishes the following CATEGORIES (boys and girls):

.-ELITE 3 First classified 18 to 29 years old

.-MASTER 30 3 First classified  30 to 39 years old

.-MASTER 40 3 First classified from 40 to 49 years old

.-MASTER 50 + 3 First classified  years old

.-TEAMS 1st team  and 1st team  mixed

.-3 First classified and 3 first classified

For all those who finish there will be a FINISHER medal, in addition to the official JERSEY or JACKET of the event.


The Tour of the Annapurnas is marked as itinerary. Even so, it will be necessary to download the tracks of the race and will mark with tape the points where the race leaves the Annapurna Tour itinerary, which will be short alternative sectors by path to return to the original itinerary. The participant has to be responsible for carrying the track on the GPS.

The organization will have support and protection vehicles for the participants, as well as a end race car,


.-Bike bag and BIB numberETI BIKE RACE

.-Solid-liquid refreshments

.-Technical assistance en route and possibility of acquiring spare parts although these will be limited given the remoteness of the area and lack of technical infrastructure of the brands in the country.

.-Transfer baggage labeled between stages

.-Activities after each stage such as visits to temples, sanctuaries, glaciers and soft trekkings

.-Briefing technical talk at the welcome ceremony

.-Bike self-cleaning area in the mountain hostels that are enabled

.-Space bikeguards in the hotels before the start of the race.

.- Commemorative event jersey YETI BIKE RACE

.-Graphic and audiovisual report

.-Bike race guide in PDF

.-Support vehicles 4X4 and Bus or Furgo transfer

.-Bus at the final stage return (Besi) to Pokkara where the closing party will be held

.-Closing party, dinner and accommodation in Pokkara

.-Finisher medal for each participant that finishes the YETI BIKE RACE

In addition to the external services to the challenge such as airport pick-up, welcome party, transfers from Kathmandu to the starting point of the race, transfers from the finish to Pokkara and Kathmandu and everything related in the INCLUDED section.

In addition, the organization offers the following extra services to hire


.-Muscle discharge massage 45 minutes: € 18.


Although traffic is scarce in the natural park and there are no roads, the route will NOT be closed to the TRAFFIC of agricultural vehicles, tourist taxis, etc. therefore, all the participants are obliged to take extreme precautions in crossings and inside of villages, being responsible for the infractions that they could commit.The organization is not responsible for accidents in which the cyclists could be a cause or victim, as well as the expenses, debts or damages that may occur during the celebration of the bikerace.

The organization is not responsible for accidents in which the participating cyclists could be the cause or victim.
If necessary for just cause or force majeure, the organization reserves the right to modify the itinerary, controls, schedules, supplies and these regulations.
The circulation of cars not authorized or accredited by the organization, accompanying the race is prohibited.

The inscriptions will be made in advance through the pages: CronoK30.


.-Up to 20 days before the race: 100% of the value of the registration

.-From the 20th to the 5th day: 75% of the value of the registration

.-Last 5 days: No Refund

The runners that decide to leave the bike race are in the OBLIGATION to COMMUNICATE it to the telephones that facilitates the organization.

The YETI BIKE RACE offers runners the chance to visit places of great beauty in one of the most scenic Natural Parks of the Planet, but they are also places with a high vulnerability, therefore the runner must be respectful with the environment, being STRICTLY PROHIBITED throw waste away from the places authorized for it or generating damage in the natural environment. The organization has containers for the collection of waste in each provisioning area and we thank you for using them. Failure to comply with this rule may mean disqualification of the participant by the organization. Likewise it is forbidden to alter the environment. They may also be disqualifying due to lack of ethics and sports morality, disobedience to the authorities, security or organizers.

Image rights:
The participant, through his registration, agrees to assign the image rights to the organization for graphic and audiovisual dissemination for the exclusive use of the event, as well as the personal data required in the registration form that will be used for communication-promotion of the event

The BIKE RACE itinerary requires a demanding physical condition and adequate training to carry out the test. The inscription by the biker implies that the organization is aware of this and that it is fully empowered to complete it, so it will be responsible for its performance and will assume risks that involve participating in the race, freeing the organization of derived responsibilities of accidents or incidents even with third parties.

The organization is not responsible for accidents in which the participating cyclists could be a cause or victim, since this is why a Civil Liability insurance is contracted, as well as the expenses, debts or damages that could be incurred during the race. If necessary for just cause or force majeure, the organization reserves the right to modify the itinerary, controls, schedules, supplies and these regulations. If the security agents decide to stop the runner on the steps, streets or crossings for traffic reasons, it will be essential to comply with these instructions, otherwise the cyclist will be disqualified.

Accident insurance is mandatory and participants must contract it themselves

Security plan:
The support vehicles will be equipped with fire extinguishers and mobile telephony to be communicated.

• Enroll in this bike race, implies full acceptance of the bike rules.